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Tianjin RongHeng Group LLC is a to be listed company specialized in petroleum drilling and exploitation device manufacturing The Group was founded in 1982 restructured to limited liability company in 1999 named Tianjin Hi tech Enterprise by Tianjin Municipal Government in 2008 and listed as Tianjin Sci tech Little Giant Enterprise by Tianjin Municipal Government in 2011 Its registered place is North of Jinyu Road Ninghe County Tianjin and registered capital is RMB 63 58 million In possession of petroleum drilling and exploitation equipment precision foundry mechanical processing and other advanced production assembly lines and inspection devices of globally advanced level staples of the...

Categories and Products

Single Screw Pump

Single screw volume pump Vertical single screw rotor pump Single screw small oil and gas mixing pump Single screw pump crude oil transfer pump Horizontal single screw rotor pump Internal mesh volume pump 

Water Injection Pump

CYZSB-C Series Water Injection Pump

the normal pressure water injection pump 

ZYZSB-D Series Water Injection Pump

Horizontal pressurized water injection pump Pressurized direct connecting centrifugal pump ZYZSB type pressurized water injection pump Horizontal pressurized multistage centrifugal pump Supercharged horizontal multilevel water injection pump Pressurized pumping deep well pump Design of pressurized water injection pump Design of pressurized water injection pump 

Reciprocating Plunger Pump

Reciprocating Plunger Pump 3S120series

Reciprocating Plunger Pump 3s120 High pressure plunger pump Adjustable flow type high pressure plunger pump Adjustable flow type high pressure plunger pump Single cylinder plunger pump Single cylinder reciprocating plunger pump Single cylinder reciprocating high pressure pump Single cylinder horizontal pump Single cylinder horizontal plunger pump Single cylinder vertical plunger pump Single cylinder axial piston pump Axial horizontal plunger pump 

Reciprocating Plunger Pump 3S127series

Reciprocating Plunger Pump 3S127 Axial type high pressure reciprocating plunger pump 

Reciprocating Plunger Pump 5S127series

Hydraulic high pressure plunger pump Reciprocating Plunger Pump 5s127 

Reciprocating Plunger Pump 5S180series

Multi cavity combined body pump head plunger pump High pressure reciprocating plunger pump 5s180 

Twin Screw Pump

2LYQB800series Twin Screw Pump

Double screw pump 800series 

2LYQB1400series Twin Screw Pump

Double screw pump 1400series 

2LYQB2500series Twin Screw Pump

Twin Screw Pump 2500 series 

2LYQB4200series Twin Screw Pump

twin screw pumps 4200 series Screw type transport pump Three screw type transport pump 

Impeller And Diffuser

387/400series Impeller And Diffuser

Stainless steel leaf guide wheel of oil pump Gray iron submersible pump blade guide wheel Water pump accessories blade guide wheel Impeller and Diffuser 387/400 Precision casting oil extraction pump guide wheel Leaf guide wheel of oil field submersible pump Internal components of the submersible pump Inner parts of the submersible pump Common part of oil field oil well 

513/540series Impeller And Diffuser

Casting cast copper blade guide wheel Leaf guide wheel of gray iron submersible pump Precision casting guide wheel of carbon steel Precision casting wear-resistant steel blade guide wheel Blade guide wheel for electric pump Blade guide wheel type Different material guide wheel Special guide wheel for submersible pump Precision casting of leaf guide wheel Machining of blade guide wheel Design of blade guide wheel grinder Blade guide wheel product design 

562series Impeller And Diffuser

All kinds of pump stages impellers 

168series Impeller And Diffuser

Impeller and Diffuser 168 Leaf guide wheel of submersible pump assembly 

675series Impeller And Diffuser

Precision submersible electric pump blade guide wheel Sand mold casting blade guide wheel Centrifugal Pumps Casing Impeller And Diffusers 

862series Impeller And Diffuser

Impeller and Diffuser ESP 

900series Impeller And Diffuser

stainless steel impeller and diffuser 

950series Impeller And Diffuser

Centrifugal submersible electric pump blade guide wheel High Quality Submersible Oil Pump Impeller And Diffuser 

1000series Impeller And Diffuser

pump impeller small flow impeller 

Electric Petroleum submerged Pump Unit

Petroleum Submersed Motor

Vertical three phase asynchronous submersible motor Oil immersed closed type submersible motor Electric submersible electric pump unit motor Suspension type submersible asynchronous motor Closed type three-phase asynchronous submersible motor 

Petroleum Submersed Protector

Single capsule type motor protector Electric submersible pump unit protector Double subsidence motor protector Settlement type submersible electric pump protector Three cavity parallel double capsule protector Production of electric submersible pump protector Capsule protector for submersible pump Electric submersible electric pump matching motor Three phase asynchronous motor 

Separator And Inducer

Submersible electric pump separator Rotary double stage oil and gas separator Double stage centrifugal pump separator Settlement type double stage electric pump separator Swirl deep well pump oil and gas separator Oil and gas separator for submersible pump 

Leader Cable

Submersible electric pump lead cable Winding galvanized steel cable Galvanized steel band lead cable Stainless steel strip lead cable Power cable of submersible pump assembly Special cable for submersible pump unit 

Power Cable

Electric submersible electric pump cable Flat mouth cryogenic power cable High temperature Electric Submergible Cable Research and development of oil field equipment Construction of oil field infrastructure Type of power equipment cable Oil field infrastructure sample Type of oil field equipment 

Control Cabinet

Electric submersible pump unit control cabinet Electric submersible electric pump electric control cabinet ESP Control Panel for electric submersible pump Outdoor electric control cabinet Oil field control cabinet Electric control cabinet for submersible pump unit Oil well special distribution cabinet Control cabinet of oil field power system 


Submersible Pump Spare Parts Oil-immersed self - cooled outdoor transformer Electric pump self - cooled outdoor step-down transformer External connection equipment of oil field Oil well special transformer 

Submersible Electric Pump

The temperature sensor of the submersible pump Submersible pump unit sensor 

Petroleum Submersed Pump

338 series Petroleum Submersed Pump

Electric Submersible Pump Unit Accessories Multistage submersible centrifugal pump Centrifugal pump of electric submersible pump unit Sand proof submersible pump Submersible Oil Pump Impeller And Diffuser Precision casting blade guide wheel Gray iron injection pump blade guide wheel Submersible electric pump unit VVVF electric submersible pump Variable-frequency submersible pump series High quality submersible electric pump 

387series Petroleum Submersed Pump

Multistage pump for nickel alloy cast iron 

400series Petroleum Submersed Pump

Steel aluminum alloy submersible pump Electric submersible pump manufacturing Electric submersible pump manufacturing 

513series Petroleum Submersed Pump

Wear-resistant cast iron submersible pump 

675series Petroleum Submersed Pump

Abrasion resistant cast iron sand pump 

Water-submersible Pump

Sewerage submersible pump unit Water submersible pump with clear water Multistage deep well centrifugal pump Vertical multistage deep well submersible pump Horizontal deep well multistage centrifugal pump Horizontal submersible centrifugal pump Deep water well pump Multilevel submersible drainage electric pump Submersible pump in oil field Leaf wheeled submersible pump Blade wheel drainage electric pump Single stage submersible pump Blade wheel type single stage submersible pump Inclined Horizontal Submerged submersible pump Vertical submersible Electric pump Volumetric submersible centrifugal pump 

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