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Water Injection Pump
We are specialized Water Injection Pump manufacturers & suppliers/factory from China. Wholesale Water Injection Pump with high quality as low price/cheap, one of the Water Injection Pump leading brands from China, Tianjin RongHeng Group LLC.
ZYZSB type pressurized water injection pump

Model No.: ZYZSB-D

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Displacement M3/d: 50~500

Tag: High Pressure Water Injection Pump , Water Injection Pump , Type Pressurized Pump

Tianjin Rong Heng Group Limited by Share Ltd (Rong Heng Group, RongHeng Group) is a listed company focused on oil drilling equipment manufacturing. The company set up its factory in 1982 and became a Limited by Share Ltd in 1999. In 2008, it was...
the normal pressure water injection pump

Model No.: CYZSB-C

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Displacement M3/d: 50~500

Tag: Multistage Centrifugal Pump , Water Pump at Normal Pressure , Water Submersible Pump

The water injection pump produced by our company is an indispensable oil extraction equipment to ensure the high and stable production of crude oil from oil production to middle and later stage. Centrifugal pumps make use of centrifugal force...
Submersible electric pump separator

Model No.: 338/387/400/540/675

Texture Of Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Tag: Oil and Gas Separator , Submersible Electric Pump , Electric Submersible Pump Accessories

In order to ensure normal operation of centrifugal pumps in gas wells, oil and gas separators are usually installed between pumps and protectors. According to the gas bearing condition of the oil well, the sedimentation type oil gas separator or...
Electric submersible electric pump unit motor

Model No.: 375/456/540/562

Casing Size: 114.3mm/139.7mm/139.7mm

Tag: Electric Submersible Pump Accessories , Vertical Suspension Submersible Motor , Three Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Motor

The submersible motor is a three phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. When 50HZ, the rated revolution is 2850 rpm. The oil submersible motor is a vertical suspension structure, which is filled with oil immersed closed type, filled with special...
Double screw pump 1400series

Model No.: 1400series

Tag: Volumetric Screw Pump , Double Suction Screw Pump , Single Suction Screw Pump

Twin screw pump as a positive displacement pump, pump suction room should be closely separated from the discharge chamber. Therefore, the clearance between the pump body and the outer surface of the screw and between the screw and the screw should...
Submersible Oil Pump Impeller And Diffuser

Model No.: 338series

Impeller Aperture: 15.9\17.4

Tag: Core Components of the Submersible Pump , Motor Drive Impeller , Important Parts of Oil Exploitation

As one of the most important energy sources in human society, oil is usually extracted from underground by submersible pumps. The most important part of the submersible pump is the blade guide wheel. The blade guide wheel in related technology...
Centrifugal Pumps Casing Impeller And Diffusers

Model No.: 675series

Impeller Aperture: 30.5

Tag: Inner Part of Pump , Important Part of the Pump , Shopping Center for the Guide Wheel

Tianjin Rong Heng Group Limited by Share Ltd (Rong Heng Group) is a listed company specializing in the manufacture of petroleum drilling equipment. The company set up a factory in 1982 and became a Limited by Share Ltd in 1999. 2008, the Tianjin...
stainless steel impeller and diffuser

Model No.: REDA900series

Tag: Carbon Impeller Stainless Steel Impeller , Stainless Steel Impellercopper , Impeller Stainless Steel Impeller Pump

The rational optimization of the structural dimensions and performance parameters of the guide wheel directly determines the performance of the centrifugal pump. The results show that the small changes in the geometric structure of the steering...
Impeller and Diffuser ESP

Model No.: REDA862 series

Tag: The Parts Of Electric Submersible Pump , Impeller Group Electric Pump , The Parts Of Electric Submersible Pump

Tianjin Rong Heng Group is a listed company that has been focused on oil drilling equipment manufacturing and R & D. The company was put into production in 1982, and the restructuring of the company in 1999 formally became the Limited by Share...
High Quality Submersible Oil Pump Impeller And Diffuser

Model No.: 950series

Tag: Impellervertical Pump Impeller , Stainless Steel Impeller Centrifugal Pump , Weightvacuum Pump Impeller

Our company has become a supermarket for leaf wheel and submersible pump parts. In the related technology, the blade guide wheel is used in the process. As the oil enters the volume space, the eddy will be generated, which makes the impeller...
pump impeller small flow impeller

Model No.: 1000series

Tag: Casting Closed Type Impeller , Partsbrass Centrifugal Impellerimpeller , Car Impeller Vacuum Impellerimpeller

The blade guide wheel produced by our company adopts advanced CAD software design, and uses the CAM five axis machining mould to ensure the stability and accuracy of the product line of the blade guide wheel. At the same time, the user provides the...
Blade guide wheel for electric pump

Model No.: 513/540series

Impeller Aperture: φ30.15φ25.3φ22.2φ17.4

Tag: Electric Pump Blade Guide , Electric Pump Carbon Steel Impeller , Submersible Pump Blade Guide Wheel

Tianjin Rong Heng Group Limited by Share Ltd (Rong Heng Group, RongHeng Group) is a listed company focused on oil drilling equipment manufacturing. The company set up its factory in 1982 and became a Limited by Share Ltd in 1999. In 2008, it was...
Submersible pump in oil field

Model No.: 150QJ5

Tag: Oil Field Pump , Deep Well Pump in Oil Field , Drainage Electric Pump

QJ series submersible pump is an important equipment which is widely used in deep well water extraction and farmland irrigation in urban and industrial enterprises. The product is reasonable in design, compact in structure, and into water with motor...
Multilevel submersible drainage electric pump

Model No.: 150QJ/L5

Tag: Drainage Submersible Centrifugal Pump , Deep Well Submersible Centrifugal Pump , Multilevel Discharge Electric Pump

The pump body impeller and the motor of the driving impeller are all submerged into the water, and there are two kinds of pumps, deep well and working face. The pump body impeller and the motor of the driving impeller are all submerged into the...
Deep water well pump

Model No.: 150QJ10

Tag: Multistage Drainage Electric Pump , Multistage Drainage Pump , Multistage Deep Well Pump

Deep water well pump has been widely used. Our company can customize all kinds of needs. After replacing the bearings and mechanical seals of the submersible pump, the low replay of the rotor and the pump shaft should be paid attention to in the...
Water submersible pump with clear water

Model No.: 150QJ/L10

Tag: Water Submersible Electric Pump , Multilevel Water Submersible Pump , Clean Water Centrifugal Pump

In order to keep the submersible pump running steadily in the working environment, regular maintenance must be guaranteed. The main contents are to ensure the reliable operation of the submersible pump and prolong the service life. It is necessary...
Sewerage submersible pump unit

Model No.: 150QJ20

Tag: Multistage Sewage Centrifugal Pump , Multilevel Sewerage Submersible Pump , Centrifuge Pump for Sewage

The submersible pump is widely used in the daily use. It is used in the important equipment of the deep well water extraction and farmland irrigation in the urban and industrial enterprises. The motor and the pump work together into the water. It...
Vertical submersible Electric pump

Model No.: 150QJ/L20

Tag: Vertical Clean Water Pump , Vertical Discharge Pump , Vertical Centrifugal Pump

There are several kinds of submersible pumps. There are oil invading and water invading type in the motor. It is necessary to see the instructions before using the submersible pump. It must not be wrong for a long time. It is necessary to turn the...
Multistage deep well centrifugal pump

Model No.: 150QJ32

Tag: Submersible Submersible Pump , Water Immersion Submersible Pump , Dry Submersible Pump

As a general machine, pump is widely used. Therefore, the application and promotion of products cause trouble. Generally speaking, water pump can be divided according to the principle of drainage: one, the impeller pump, such as centrifugal pump,...
Vertical multistage deep well submersible pump

Model No.: 175QJ32

Tag: Deep Well Sewerage Submersible Pump , Deep Well Water Submersible Pump , Deep Well Submersible Submersible Pump

The choice of submersible pump before use is very important. The type of pump should be selected according to the actual situation of water source and working time and pump volume. First of all, the choice of head is greater than the difference...
Oil immersed closed type submersible motor

Model No.: 95series

Casing Size: 114.3mm/139.7mm/139.7mm

Tag: Oil Immersed Submersible Induction Motor , Oil Immersed Submersible Motor , Non Oil Immersed Submersible Motor

At present, oil extraction technologies widely used in major oilfields at home and abroad include submersible pumps, submersible screw pumps, water conservancy piston pumps and gas lift. The electric submersible pump has many advantages, such as...
Closed type three-phase asynchronous submersible motor

Model No.: 107series

Casing Size: 114.3mm/139.7mm/139.7mm

Tag: Three Phase Asynchronous Submersible Motor , Three Phase Squirrel Cage Submersible Motor , Closed Type Submersible Motor

The submersible screw pump oil extraction system has the advantages of flexible, convenient, high efficiency and strong corrosion resistance when mining high viscosity, high sand and high gas content. With the prolongation of oil field mining time...
Vertical three phase asynchronous submersible motor

Model No.: 116series

Casing Size: 114.3mm/139.7mm/139.7mm

Tag: Vertical Submersible Motor , Vertical Closed Submersible Motor , Vertical Oil Filled Submersible Motor

At present, the number of submersible pumps in the USSR is the largest in the world, up to more than 40 thousand, the output accounts for half of the crude oil, and the pump cycle is more than 500D. In the 60s of last century, China began to develop...
Suspension type submersible asynchronous motor

Model No.: 138series

Casing Size: 114.3mm/139.7mm/139.7mm

Tag: Suspension Type Submersible Motor , Vertical Oil Immersed Induction Motor , Vertical Oil Submersible Motor

The development of oil mining technology driven by submersible motor, Daqing Oil Field Co sixth oil production plant No. 1 oil mine! Daqing 163000, Heilongjiang, with the development of economy, people's living standards are increasing, and the...
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