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Impeller And Diffuser
We are specialized Impeller And Diffuser manufacturers & suppliers/factory from China. Wholesale Impeller And Diffuser with high quality as low price/cheap, one of the Impeller And Diffuser leading brands from China, Tianjin RongHeng Group LLC.
Impeller and Diffuser 168

Model No.: 168series

Tag: Motor Drive Pump Shaft , Do Centrifugal Motion , The Main Components of the Pump

The blade guide part in the electric submersible pump is the main component of the pump. The blade guide wheel drives the impeller at a high speed at a certain speed through the motor drive shaft, and the impeller does the centrifugal motion to...
Submersible Oil Pump Impeller And Diffuser

Model No.: 338series

Impeller Aperture: 15.9\17.4

Tag: Core Components of the Submersible Pump , Motor Drive Impeller , Important Parts of Oil Exploitation

As one of the most important energy sources in human society, oil is usually extracted from underground by submersible pumps. The most important part of the submersible pump is the blade guide wheel. The blade guide wheel in related technology...
Centrifugal Pumps Casing Impeller And Diffusers

Model No.: 675series

Impeller Aperture: 30.5

Tag: Inner Part of Pump , Important Part of the Pump , Shopping Center for the Guide Wheel

Tianjin Rong Heng Group Limited by Share Ltd (Rong Heng Group) is a listed company specializing in the manufacture of petroleum drilling equipment. The company set up a factory in 1982 and became a Limited by Share Ltd in 1999. 2008, the Tianjin...
stainless steel impeller and diffuser

Model No.: REDA900series

Tag: Carbon Impeller Stainless Steel Impeller , Stainless Steel Impellercopper , Impeller Stainless Steel Impeller Pump

The rational optimization of the structural dimensions and performance parameters of the guide wheel directly determines the performance of the centrifugal pump. The results show that the small changes in the geometric structure of the steering...
Impeller and Diffuser ESP

Model No.: REDA862 series

Tag: The Parts Of Electric Submersible Pump , Impeller Group Electric Pump , The Parts Of Electric Submersible Pump

Tianjin Rong Heng Group is a listed company that has been focused on oil drilling equipment manufacturing and R & D. The company was put into production in 1982, and the restructuring of the company in 1999 formally became the Limited by Share...
High Quality Submersible Oil Pump Impeller And Diffuser

Model No.: 950series

Tag: Impellervertical Pump Impeller , Stainless Steel Impeller Centrifugal Pump , Weightvacuum Pump Impeller

Our company has become a supermarket for leaf wheel and submersible pump parts. In the related technology, the blade guide wheel is used in the process. As the oil enters the volume space, the eddy will be generated, which makes the impeller...
Impeller and Diffuser 387/400

Model No.: 387/400series

Impeller Aperture: φ17.4/φ22.2

Tag: Impeller For Slurry Pump , Impeller and Diffuser Technology , Submersible Pump Impeller Group

We can produce all kinds of investment castings and vacuum castings. Maybe your demands of products is different from other client, please don't worry, we can produce the product according to your drawings or samples. So the product fully meets...
Sand mold casting blade guide wheel

Model No.: 675 series

Impeller Aperture: 30.5

Tag: Blade Guide Wheel for Submersible Pump , Submersible Pump Assembly Guide Wheel , Pump Assembly Blade Guide Wheel

Our company has been dedicated to professional foundry and sand casting professional manufacturers, with four world advanced production processes, glass sand mold casting, low temperature wax glass shell, medium temperature wax silicon sol shell...
Precision submersible electric pump blade guide wheel

Model No.: REDA675series

Impeller Aperture: 30.5

Tag: Precision Casting Blade Guide Wheel , Precision Manufacturing Blade Guide Wheel , Precision Machining Blade Guide Wheel

Our company has become a guide wheel supermarket, which covers all the major oil fields in the country, exports to the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries, and plays an important role in the...
Leaf guide wheel of submersible pump assembly

Model No.: 168series

Tag: Independent Product Pump Accessories , Self Produced Accessories , Special Parts for Submersible Pump

The blade guide part in the electric submersible pump is the main component of the pump. The blade guide wheel drives the impeller at a high speed at a certain speed through the motor drive shaft, and the impeller does the centrifugal motion to...
Internal components of the submersible pump

Impeller Aperture: φ17.4/φ22.2

Tag: Oil Sucking Component of Submersible Pump , Oil Suction Device for Submersible Pump , Guide Wheel Shell

Rongheng group will uphold the management and management concept of [integrity and win-win"and [balance and decentralization"."pragmatic innovation"spirit of enterprise,wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers to provide quality and...
Inner parts of the submersible pump

Impeller Aperture: φ17.4/φ22.2

Tag: Core Parts of the Submersible Pump , Inner Device of Submersible Pump , Core Accessories of Submersible Pump

The group passed through the ISO9001 international quality system approval in 1997,and obtained certification of national metrology system in Aug.2005. The group has been identified as a national high-tech enterprise since 2008, [rong...
Common part of oil field oil well

Impeller Aperture: φ17.4/φ22.2

Tag: Deep Well Drilling Tool in Oil Field , Oil Field Submersible Pump Drilling Tool , Oil Field Submersible Pump

The head of the whole pump has been built, and our company has become a supermarket for leaf guide wheel and submersible pump fittings at home and abroad.The group passed through the ISO9001 international quality system approval in 1997,and...
Research and development of oil field equipment

Rated Voltage: 3KV\6KV

Working Temperature Grade: 90℃~232℃

Tag: Armour Cable Production , Oil Field Equipment Cable , Power Cable of Oil Field Equipment

Electric submergible cable is divided into round cable and flat cable.Whatever round cable or flat cable,it mainly consists of conductor, insulating layer,jacket and cable armor.According to the different requirements of power and different...
All kinds of pump stages impellers

Model No.: REDA562 series

Tag: Gray Iron Casting Blade Guide Wheel , Impeller and Guide Wheel , Steady Flow Groove of the Impeller

The foundry shop of our company has a strong scientific research team and a senior technical team. The production of the leaf guide wheel can meet the needs of the customers. According to the technical requirements of the customers, the product can...
pump impeller small flow impeller

Model No.: 1000series

Tag: Casting Closed Type Impeller , Partsbrass Centrifugal Impellerimpeller , Car Impeller Vacuum Impellerimpeller

The blade guide wheel produced by our company adopts advanced CAD software design, and uses the CAM five axis machining mould to ensure the stability and accuracy of the product line of the blade guide wheel. At the same time, the user provides the...
Oil and gas separator for submersible pump

Model No.: 338series

Texture Of Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Tag: Submersible Pump Settling Separator , Sedimentation Type Submersible Pump Separator , Sedimentation Type Oil and Gas Separator

The oil and gas separator is a connecting device between the pump and the protector. In order to ensure the continuous normal operation of the multistage centrifugal pump in the oil well with gas, it is the normal flow into the pump to reduce the...
Single screw small oil and gas mixing pump

Model No.: G105 series

Tag: Single Screw Stripping Pump , Single Screw Booster Pump , Single Screw Drain Pump

The screw pump is divided into: Single screw pump - a single screw is engaged in a rotating pump in the internal groove of the pump body. Twin screw pump - a pump that engages a liquid pump between two screws. Three - screw pump - a pump that...
Swirl deep well pump oil and gas separator

Model No.: 400series

Texture Of Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Tag: Swirl Centrifugal Pump Separator , Eddy Current Oil and Gas Separator , Pump Oil and Gas Separator

The brand of Rong Heng brand is a world brand in the world oil drilling and mining equipment manufacturing industry by listing in the domestic and foreign exchanges and implementing the global brand strategy through the capital market. Rong Heng...
Sand proof submersible pump

Model No.: 338 SERIES RA550

Frequency: 50Hz、60Hz

Tag: Submersible Combined Pump , Anticorrosion Submersible Pump , Conventional Submersible Pump

The submersible pump is a product of our company's professional R & D team, constantly improving, innovating and developing products which are more suitable for customer use, higher efficiency, convenient maintenance and longer life span. Our...
Galvanized steel band lead cable

Model No.: 540series

Temperature Resistance: 120℃、150℃、180℃

Tag: Galvanized Steel Cable , Galvanized Steel Ribbon Winding Cable , Galvanized Steel Strip Socket Cable

Provide special technical service and training based on customer's demands Work out technical consultation and solution on ESP faults in high gas content,high temperature and large deviated wells. Cooperate with users to size pumps,delivery ESP...
Rotary double stage oil and gas separator

Model No.: 387series

Texture Of Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Tag: Rotating Double Stage Separator , Rotary Oil Pump Separator , Rotary Oil and Gas Separator

Tianjin Rong Heng Group Limited by Share Ltd is a national enterprise group approved by the Ministry of agriculture of the Chinese people's Republic of China. Our company has been working on scientific research and production for a long time. The...
Abrasion resistant cast iron sand pump

Model No.: 675series

Frequency: 50Hz、60Hz

Tag: Antiwear Cast Iron Anticorrosion Pump , Wear-resistant Cast Iron Combined Pump , Multistage Centrifugal Pump for Oil Wells

In 2013, the company invested 600 million yuan, and built a high standard, high - tech and high - level modern industrial science and technology park with an area of 340 thousand square meters and 200 thousand square meters of factory building....
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